Saturday, August 6, 2016

Let's Celebrate: 8 Ways to Encourage Yourself

This past week has been quite challenging for me.  I am in between jobs and had done everything I
could to apply and network with those in the know about positions that I sought.  At the beginning of the process, my faith was strong and I was confident that I would find a suitable position.  I believed in the beginning that I would get the position that I wanted. 

As time passed, I began to become down, almost depressed about my situation.  I made arrangements to accept a substitute position that I really did not want.  However, I was truly grateful because it was better than not having a job at all.  I tried hard to keep my head up.  Just when I thought I would need to change my strategy, I received the communication I have been waiting for:  an offer for the position I so desperately wanted!!!

Through the hard times, I had to encourage myself.  I had to shake the sad mood. I had to fight the oncoming depression.  I had to put a praise on it.  I had to praise God in the middle of it.

So, here are 8 ways to Encourage Yourself:

  1. Count Your Blessing - Write down three things you’re grateful for.  Gratitude is good for the soul. It shifts your perspective and forces you to think about the good things in your life rather than focusing on the bad.
  2. Be a blessing to somebody – Doing something nice for someone else takes the focus off of ourselves and helps us connect to the people around us.  This reminds us that what we do matters. Self-absorption is a recipe for depression. Think about who could you help right now?
  3.  Smile! - Studies show that even if you don’t feel happy, making yourself smile releases feel-good chemicals in the brain! flash those pearly whites, turn up the corners of your mouth, and you’ll feel better.  
  4.  Sing! - Did you know singing is good for you? Music therapists believe that singing boosts your mood.  Singing also enhances immunity by increasing antibodies that fight sickness, according to one German study.
  5.  Reflect on the good times – Think good thoughts.  Think about the good times.  Good times make us smile.
  6.  Journal it! – Write down the good things that happened that day. 
  7. Get moving!/Dance -Turn on your favorite tune and dance.  Or if you prefer exercising or running or walking, do your thing.  The point is, get moving! Exercise is a mood booster.
  8.  Flow/Listen to positive music. -Listen to your favorite music with headphones in a dark room. Lose yourself in a novel you just can't put down. Set aside enough time at least once a week for your favorite hobby so you can attain a level of absorption known as the "flow" state.

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